Four SAP Vora Test Drives are Available:

Introduction Including a Retail Scenario

After an overview of the key SAP Vora features, experience how a retailer might perform OLAP analysis on social media data stored in Hadoop systems, and correlate it with sales and inventory data in SAP HANA for instant insights.

Time Series
Analysis Engine

See how SAP Vora can help reveal unprecedented business context as you analyze time series data – measurements captured in evenly spaced, successive points in time. SAP Vora can help identify seasonality patterns, predict future performance based on past data and more.

SAP Vora in a Telco Scenario

Use the SAP Vora SQL Editor, Data Browser, and Modeler to analyze the reasons that customers churn and gain deeper insights on revenue models. This Test Drive also includes additional data visualization examples using SAP Lumira.

SAP Vora in a Healthcare Scenario

Experience how SAP Vora can help in discovering new insights by creating analytical models based on various data types and leveraging Vora's built-in visualization tools by looking at two population health scenarios, leveraging the SAP Vora Graph Engine and SAP Vora Document Store.